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Parent and Baby Advisory Council (PBAC)

Join the MDPQC PBAC!

If you are interested in advocating for patients and families, sharing healthcare experiences, and discussing potential suggestions or solutions to address maternal child health concerns, then the MDPQC Parent and Baby Advisory Council is the perfect fit for you.

PBAC Vision

To foster a culture between patients, their families, and hospital staff that prioritizes a family-centered care approach in all maternal child health sectors.

PBAC Mission

To improve the quality of care and healthcare experiences of patients and their families by providing the community an opportunity to collaborate and share their experiences with hospitals, perinatal and neonatal care providers, and community organizations.

What is the PBAC?

The MDPQC Parent and Baby Advisory Council is a group of patients, family members, caregivers, and community members collaborating to support practices that enhance the quality and delivery of safe care for all birthing persons, babies, and children. Members of the PBAC will have the opportunity to address some of the most critical aspects of maternal and infant care by engaging in activities that support quality improvement efforts. These efforts will ensure that:

  1. Patient-centered and family-centered care is prioritized

  2. Everyone has access to quality care

  3. Care respects the dignity of patients and diversity of Maryland communities

PBAC Member Responsibilities:

  1. Review and provide feedback on educational materials

  2. Share healthcare experiences and unique perspectives with hospitals and other PBAC members

  3. Provide suggestions and potential solutions to improve maternal and infant healthcare for our community

Read the latest MDPQC PBAC newsletter.

Yasmine Jackson


Get Started:

  1. Complete an online interest form by visiting

  2. Read the MDPQC PBAC Flyer

  3. Reach out with any questions or concerns

Interested individuals do not need a healthcare background to be a member and will only need to dedicate 1-2 hours a month for PBAC meetings and activities.

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